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Ways to Immigrate


Join the Great North, the second biggest country in the world; Canada. 

To immigrate there is more than one path available to the immigrant. We provide you with the guide to navigate the following paths : 

  • Express entry

  • Family sponsorship

  •  Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

  •  Federal Skilled Trade (FST)

  •  Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

  •  Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

  • Business investor


Work Permits

Hoping to work in a foreign country? We provide you with the opportunities to make that possible. 100,000 permits are issued to foreigners by the Canadian government every year to meet skilled labour demands.There are many forms of work permits which  include:

  • LMIA Required permits

  • LMIA Exempted permits

  • Work without permit

  • International Experience Class permit

  • Open work permit

  • Bridging Open work permit

  • Work permit under NAFTA

  • Post-graduation work permit

Student Visas

Want to study internationally? Experience a different culture and improve your education at the same time. We help students with gaining passage to Canada so they can experience some of the top universities and colleges. Study permits include:


  • Student Visa

  • A work permit for duration of study period

  • Post-graduation work permit

Citizenship Application 

Want to become a Canadian citizen?

Stay in Canada 1095 days after which a citizenship status becomes open to you.

We provide you with a complete understanding of the process, help you fill out the appropriate forms and walk with you throughout the process.

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Family Sponsorship 

Miss your family? Help us provide your family with a chance to join you in Canada to share and enjoy your experiences and make new ones by applying to sponsor them into the country.

Sponsorships' include:

  • Spousal or Common law partner

  • Parents and grandparents

  • Super-visa

  • Dependent children or relatives

Visitor or Tourist Visa

We are glad to help you visit your family, friends or just enjoy touristic visit to fabulous Canada.

  • Extend Your Stay


Do you Want to extend your stay in Canada and expand on your experiences also?

We will help you throughout the process of applying or extending your stay and the requirements to fulfill.



Do you fulfill all the requirements of immigration? There are a few hurdles that may prevent you access to Canada that we will help you figure your way around if possible. Such problems include:

  • Criminal Record

  • Medical Complications

  • Misrepresentation

However there are ways to join Canada that are needed to solving the above mentioned problems, such as; 

  • Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

  • Authorization to Return to Canada  (ARC)


Want a business opportunity? Or expand a business? We provide you with services to allow you access to Canada based on the premise of business in all forms which include:

  • Business visitor

  • Investor

  • PNP business

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